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So, Hello everyone!
 I'm Spirited wolf as you already know. So this is my very first article on my journey for "OSCP"

From today i am gonna start blogging on my journey to "Try Hard".
So, As most of you all already know that now a days OSCP is in trend. So, i just asked my dad if i can do this. Firstly he said "NO" then after him i started convincing him and finally in last he Agreed.

So from today i will post everything that i will be learning in the upcoming 1-2 months. So i am studying with two of my good brothers/ more than friends.
0. Spirited wolf
1. Hex Ninja
2. Kishan sharma

Also one of my brother{again} Code_Ninja is also preparing for the same but he will register next year.

We all are studying together and learning new stuffs everyday when ever we get time. OSCP is all about pushing your limits to the highest level. Of course it's gonna give us a huge pain in our asss. But we are ready for that pain.

I had read 2 things :-
"We Must embrace pain
    and Burn it as fuel,
        For our Journey."
These words were said by Kenji


Of course we are not gonna do gym :P but yeah these lines are so true. 

So about 2-3 months ago. I heard about HTB "HackTheBox". From their i learned many stuffs, i also took help ofcourse. But on HTB i met may new pentester from different countries. I made a new friend who's call himself:- PeaceMaker (He is an amazing guy and now he became my very very good friend with whom i can share anything. He had done OSCP, OSWP and "THE OSCE ^_^")

and he give me some advice about (Offensive Security Certifications) that i should do the OSCP.

Then after it Me, Hex Ninja, KishanSharma started preparing for OSCP. Still we are preparing.
Now a days we are working on Buffer overflows. We have done Windows based BOF (Vanilla, SEH and only Egghunter ) so far. But for OSCP we just need the basic knowledge of Winodws/Linu based Vanilla BOF's.

Apart from this i am gonna provide all the links from where we are learning. My friend Code_Ninja is also solving many vulnhub machines and writing writeup's also so you can check it out from

This is the Syllabus of PWK:-
1. - Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
2. - The Essential Tools
3. - Passive Information Gathering
4. - Active Information Gathering
5. - Vulnerability Scanning
6. - Buffer Overflows- windows/linux based
7.- Working with Exploits
8.-File Transfers
9.- Client Side Attacks
10.-Web Application Attacks
11.-Password Attacks
12.-- Port Redirection and Tunneling

And then the most toughest thing (For me at-least);

12. - Privilege Escalation
Actually getting into the machine is easy(Intermediate) But the most toughest thing is to escalating the privileges of machines.

For Linux i'm following Gotmilk guide's. It's one of the best guide on priv. esclation.

Whenever i get into the machine by exploiting. I firstly check if the Kernel is vulnerable or not, then i check the suids , then the cronjobs and then i check for the different service's that are running on the machine.

For getting better in escalations we just need three things
Brain+Google+Exploit-db=R00t ^_^


Most of you must be thinking that how we are gonna prepare? Right?

-Then let me tell you we are gonna complete the 
  1.Buffer-overflow part first{More_practice}, 
then we will be doing practice on 
  2.Web application based vulnerablities- like:-

1. Injections:- 

    -SQL Injection 

For SQL Injection you can follow these tutorials,

Challenges we are gonna do:-

A. http://leettime.net/sqlninja.com/

B. BWAPP SQLI Challenges

C. DVWA SQLI Challenges

D. And some from Dhakkan's Lab   

    -Code Injection |&| Arbitrary Code executions

For Code Injection you can follow these tutorials,

Challenges we are gonna do:-

B. BWAPP Code Injection Challenges

C. DVWA Code Injection Challenges

2. File Inclusion



Have a look on this article also:- 

Challenges we are gonna do:-

A. BWAPP Inclusion Challenges

B. DVWA Inclusion Challenges

3. Cross site scripting

Basic Way:- 

Challenges we are gonna do:-

A. BWAPP XSS Challenges

B. DVWA XSS Challenges

5. Unrestricted file upload




Challenges we are gonna do:-

A. BWAPP Uploading Challenges

B. DVWA Uploading Challenges


Then we will be learning more about Enumerations. Because pentesting is all about enumeration. The more you enumerate the more vulnerabilities you will be able to see.


Let me clear one more thing Enumeration=Information gathering. That is why i said "The more you enumerate the more vulnerabilities you will be able to see." Hope you understand.

And if some of you might don't know then let me tell you that Enumeration are of two types:-
So we are just gonna give our time to learn about active enumeration only as passive enumeration we have already done.

So in Active Information Gathering we are gonna learn about different enumerations some of them are:- 



Their are a lot of ways ofcourse for enumerating the SMB service. We can use the NMAP NSE script, enum4linux and many more. I will make tutorial on it very soon.


For this i will say read this and then google to know more about it.


For this you can use smtp-user-enum tool.
Also read this article once.


So here comes the most important part "THE PORT SCANNING" 

Without it you are "0x00" || "\x00" haha... 

For port forwarding as we all already know that NMAP is the best of the best for it. 

So just start googling now ;) 

Some Resources on Enumerations:-

To know everything in detail about enumeration? Then just go on the below link ;) 

This is my very first article so i will not write much. But i can promise that the next few months will not be easy for me and it will be amazing for all of you. If you are going to come back here :P to read my fucking article that is written in very-very bad english :'( .

Thanks for reading,

[Image: 4703e5a3cd.png]So Hello everyone,
I'm Spirited wolf as you all know and i'm uploading something after a long because i was busy with my fucking life. [Image: 1f642.png]-
[Image: 47074ce279.png]

Today we are gonna discuss about one more awesome framework from SSA team i.e FakeImageExploiter.
Version release: v1.3 (Stable)
Authorpedro ubuntu [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Distros Supported : Linux Ubuntu, Kali,  Mint,  Parrot OS
Suspicious-Shell-Activity© (SSARedTeam develop @2017
[Image: O8MjQFl.png]
The author does not hold any responsibility for the bad use of this tool,
remember that attacking targets without prior consent it's illegal and punished by law.
[Image: UQuGs1D.png]
This module takes one existing image.jpg and one payload.ps1 (input by user) and
builds a new payload (agent.jpg.exe) that if executed it will trigger the download of
the 2 previous files stored into apache2 (image.jpg + payload.ps1) and execute them.
This module also changes the agent.exe Icon to match one file.jpg Then uses the spoof
'Hide extensions for known file types' method to hidde the agent.exe extension.
All payloads (user input) will be downloaded from our apache2 webserver
and executed into target RAM. The only extension (payload input by user)
that requires to write payload to disk are .exe binaries.
Today we will check "The Noob Friendly Function".

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This tutorial is for education purpose only. I'll not be responsible for any harm.
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[Image: Zpr4nWT.png]
So Hello everyone,
I'm Spirited wolf as you all know and i'm uploading something after a long time due to my exams. After march i'm gonna start the 
programming languages tutorial's.
[Image: Umq5hLD.png]

 Version releasev2.0-STABLE
Codenameoneiroi phobetor 
Distros SupportedLinux Ubuntu, Kali, Debian, BackBox, Parrot OS
Suspicious-Shell-Activity© (SSARedTeam develop @2017
[Image: O8MjQFl.png]
The author does not hold any responsibility for the bad use of this tool,
remember that attacking targets without prior consent it's illegal and punished by law.
[Image: UQuGs1D.png]
Morpheus it's a Man-In-The-Middle (mitm) suite that allows users to manipulate
tcp/udp data using ettercap, urlsnarf, msgsnarf and tcpkill as backend applications.
but this tool main objective its not to provide an easy way to exploit/sniff targets,
but ratter a call of attemption to tcp/udp manipulations technics (etter filters)
Today we are gonna discuss about one more awesome tool from SSA team i.e Morpheus.
Today we will check "Redirect browser trafic" module.
This tutorial is for education purpose only. I'll not be responsible for any harm.
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Hello everyone,

Cracking Forums is one of the best forum now,because HackRally is now sold and nothing he cool in HackRally now.

 About a week ago HackRally was sold, so the administrator of the HR started a new forum i.e Cracking Forums. It's really very amazing forum. Their we can discuss about  Programming, Pentesting, Graphic and Gaming stuffs , you can also sell or buy stuffs under  Marketplace section.

Metasploit for beginners

so, hello friends this is my 2nd post on Metasploit for beginners if you haven't checked the previous post then it is here
and if you don't know about me then let me introduce myself."My name is Spirited wolf and now i'm 16 years old cool and po** lover guy. And i love to share my knowledge with everyone who really need it. The thing  that you just need to understand me is Brain.exe, you can contact me here on my Facebook."

so, today we will discuss more about "Metasploit commands"

->The msfconsole has many different command options to chose from. The following are a core set of Metasploit commands with reference to their output.

here a look please 
PHP Code:
back          Move back from the current context
banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
cd            Change the current working directory
color         Toggle color
connect       Communicate with a host
edit          Edit the current module with $VISUAL 
or $EDITORexit          Exit the console
get           Gets the value of a context
-specific variable
getg          Gets the value of a 
global variable
go_pro        Launch Metasploit web GUI
grep          Grep the output of another command
help          Help menu
info          Displays information about one 
or more module
irb           Drop into irb scripting mode
jobs          Displays 
and manages jobs
kill          Kill a job
load          Load a framework plugin
loadpath      Searches 
for and loads modules from a path
makerc        Save commands entered since start to a file
popm          Pops the latest module off the stack 
and makes it active
previous      Sets the previously loaded module 
as the current module
pushm         Pushes the active 
or list of modules onto the module stack
Exit the console
reload_all    Reloads all modules from all defined module paths
rename_job    Rename a job
resource      Run the commands stored in a file
route         Route traffic through a session
save          Saves the active datastores
search        Searches module names 
and descriptions
sessions      Dump session listings 
and display information about sessions
set           Sets a context
-specific variable to a value
setg          Sets a 
global variable to a value
show          Displays modules of a given type
, or all modules
Do nothing for the specified number of seconds
spool         Write console output into a file 
as well the screen
threads       View 
and manipulate background threads
unload        Unload a framework plugin
unset         Unsets one or more context-specific variables
unsetg        Unsets one 
or more global variablesuse           Selects a module by name
version       Show the framework 
and console library version numbers 

so, lets talk about some of them, 
->Simply displays a randomly selected banner
so, for this in our msfconsole just type banner
[Image: 7RPCxlB.jpg]

and the next command is ::check

->The info command will provide detailed information about a particular module including all options, targets, and other information. Be sure to always read the module description prior to using it as some may have un-desired effects.

The info command also provides the following information:

The author and licensing information
Vulnerability references (ie: CVE, BID, etc) ...

PHP Code:
msf >  use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi
msf exploit
(ms08_067_netapi) > info 
[Image: FPqPxhw.png]

->Running the irb command will drop you into a live Ruby interpreter shell where you can issue commands and create Metasploit scripts on the fly. This feature is also very useful for understanding the internals of the Framework.

[Image: nRdq4ux.png]

->Jobs are modules that are running in the background. The jobs command provides the ability to list and terminate these jobs.

[Image: Izrsf0e.png]

->The msfconsole includes an extensive regular-expression based search functionality. If you have a general idea of what you are looking for you can search for it via ‘search ‘ command. In the output below, a search is being made for "NETGEAR ProSafe Network Management System 300 Arbitrary File Upload". The search function will locate this string within the module names, descriptions, references, etc.
[Image: 1GgKJrY.png]

->When you have decided on a particular module to make use of, issue the ‘use’ command to select it. The ‘use’ command changes your context to a specific module, exposing type-specific commands. Notice in the output below that any global variables that were previously set are already configured.

suppose you wants to use the "ms08_067_netapi" exploit then we will use 'use' command
PHP Code:
msf >  use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi 
[Image: qdRC4c9.png]

->The ‘set’ command allows you to configure Framework options and parameters for the current module you are working with.

suppose you wants to set the RHOSt etc. then we can use
PHP Code:
msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > set RHOSt
[Image: DHzTzKI.png]

->Executing ‘show auxiliary’ will display a listing of all of the available auxiliary modules within Metasploit. As mentioned earlier, auxiliary modules include scanners, denial of service modules, fuzzers, and more.

[Image: dOjusIK.png]

->Naturally, ‘show exploits’ will be the command you are most interested in running since at its core, Metasploit is all about exploitation. Run ‘show exploits’ to get a listing of all exploits contained in the framework.

[Image: 71Cnc8L.png]

->As you can see, there are a lot of payloads available. Fortunately, when you are in the context of a particular exploit, running ‘show payloads’ will only display the payloads that are compatible with that particular exploit. For instance, if it is a Windows exploit, you will not be shown the Linux payloads.

[Image: EVQu8RU.png]

Due to characters limit i'm stopping this tutorial here sorry i apologize

see you in my next tutorial.

and if you wants to check some of metasploit tutorials then you can check them on my channel

====>Metasploit youtube playlist<====

Special thanks to:- CodeN/inja, 
Kishan,offensive security,
rootxploiter,Daniel,Rahul raz,Rahul mani and zayed sir.
Thanks ✌

Ultimate reference for all beginners Programmers and hackers

Hello Everyone,
 Check all these sites before starting Pentesting/Hacking and programming  :wink: ,

Our YouTube Channel link::

Our Facebook page::

 so here is the list of website from where you can start your journey.

And guys here is my some favourite sites to test your skills on SQL-Injection and xss

if your are newbie then first ask to google or you can watch our tutorial if you like then try these challenge's

SQL Injection Challenges For Practice:-

This a list of challenges XSS and SQLi I known. It belongs to noobs like me.

:p (y)

XSS Challenges For Practice:-

Learn Programming:-
Special thanks to:-CodeN/inja, Th3_uNique,Bd_InjeCtor,Zen,Alteras,Repetence,IndiGear,msfanurag,msfsri,
rootxploiter,Daniel,Rahul raz,Rahul mani and zayed sir.

Hope you will like the experience with us .

Thanks ✌ 

So, Hello everyone let me first introduce myself. My name is Spirited wolf and now i'm 16 years old cool and po** lover guy. And i love to share my knowledge with everyone who really need it. The thing  that you just need to understand me is Brain.exe, you can contact me here on my Facebook.

So  my first question is what is metasploit?

On Wikipedia it is written that
"The Metasploit Project is a computer security project that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development."

There are several interfaces for Metasploit available. The most popular are maintained by Rapid7 and Strategic Cyber LLC.

Metasploit Framework Edition
The free version. It contains a command line interface, third-party import, manual exploitation and manual brute forcing.

Metasploit Community Edition
In October 2011, Rapid7 released Metasploit Community Edition, a free, web-based user interface for Metasploit. Metasploit Community is based on the commercial functionality of the paid-for editions with a reduced set of features, including network discovery, module browsing and manual exploitation. Metasploit Community is included in the main installer.

Metasploit Express
In April 2010, Rapid7 released Metasploit Express, an open-core commercial edition for security teams who need to verify vulnerabilities. It offers a graphical user interface, integrates nmap for discovery, and adds smart bruteforcing as well as automated evidence collection.

Metasploit Pro
In October 2010, Rapid7 added Metasploit Pro, an open-core commercial Metasploit edition for penetration testers. Metasploit Pro adds onto Metasploit Express with features such as Quick Start Wizards/MetaModules, building and managing social engineering campaigns, web application testing, an advanced Pro Console, dynamic payloads for anti-virus evasion, integration with Nexpose for ad-hoc vulnerability scans, and VPN pivoting.

Armitage is a graphical cyber attack management tool for the Metasploit Project that visualizes targets and recommends exploits. It is a free and open source network security tool notable for its contributions to red team collaboration allowing for shared sessions, data, and communication through a single Metasploit instance.

Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike is a collection of threat emulation tools provided by Strategic Cyber LLC to work with the Metasploit Framework. Cobalt Strike includes all features of Armitage and adds post-exploitation tools, in addition to report generation features.


First of all start the metasploit service

applications kali linux system services metasploit start 


service metasploit start 

Run msfconsole
just type msfconsole in your terminal

sudo msfconsole 

and the you will see something like this
[Image: 8wDgOcs.png]

so, what is msfconsole?
->Msfconsole is the main interface to metasploit. There are GUI interfaces (armitage), and a web interface too (websploit). With msfconsole, you can launch exploits, create listeners, configure payloads etc.

Note:-"Metasploit has lots of great documentation built in. Type help to get a basic list of commands."

like if you wants to check what commands you can use then just type help or ? <- question mark


msf > help

Core Commands

    Command       Description
    -------       -----------
    ?             Help menu
    advanced      Displays advanced options for one or more modules
    back          Move back from the current context
    banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
    cd            Change the current working directory
    color         Toggle color
    connect       Communicate with a host
    edit          Edit the current module with $VISUAL or $EDITOR
    exit          Exit the console
    get           Gets the value of a context-specific variable
    getg          Gets the value of a global variable
    grep          Grep the output of another command
    help          Help menu
    info          Displays information about one or more modules
    irb           Drop into irb scripting mode
    jobs          Displays and manages jobs
    kill          Kill a job
    load          Load a framework plugin
    loadpath      Searches for and loads modules from a path
    makerc        Save commands entered since start to a file
    options       Displays global options or for one or more modules
    pushm         Pushes the active or list of modules onto the module stack
    quit          Exit the console
    reload_all    Reloads all modules from all defined module paths
    rename_job    Rename a job
    resource      Run the commands stored in a file
    route         Route traffic through a session
    save          Saves the active datastores
    search        Searches module names and descriptions
    sessions      Dump session listings and display information about sessions
    set           Sets a context-specific variable to a value
    setg          Sets a global variable to a value
    show          Displays modules of a given type, or all modules
    sleep         Do nothing for the specified number of seconds
    spool         Write console output into a file as well the screen
    threads       View and manipulate background threads
    unload        Unload a framework plugin
    unset         Unsets one or more context-specific variables
    unsetg        Unsets one or more global variables
    use           Selects a module by name
    version       Show the framework and console library version numbers

Database Backend Commands


    Command           Description
    -------           -----------
    creds             List all credentials in the database
    db_connect        Connect to an existing database
    db_disconnect     Disconnect from the current database instance
    db_export         Export a file containing the contents of the database
    db_nmap           Executes nmap and records the output automatically
    db_rebuild_cache  Rebuilds the database-stored module cache
    db_status         Show the current database status
    hosts             List all hosts in the database
    loot              List all loot in the database
    notes             List all notes in the database
    services          List all services in the database
    vulns             List all vulnerabilities in the database
    workspace         Switch between database workspaces

msf >
[Image: JK3dNQa.png]

Pick a vulnerability and use an exploit

->Once you know what your remote hosts system is (nmap, lynix, maltego, wp-scan, etc) you can pick an exploit from Metasploit to test. rapid7 have an easy way to find exploits. There is also a way to search within msfconsole for various exploits:

search type:exploit

search name:xxxx

search CVE-xxx-xxx

search cve:2016 

Hope you liked my tutorial:-

See you in my next tutorial

and if you wants to check some of measploit tutorials then you can check them on my channel

====>Metasploit youtube playlist<====
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Special thanks to:- CodeN/inja, Th3_uNique,Bd_InjeCtor,Alteas,Repetence,IndiGear,msfanurag,msfsri,Kishan,rootxploiter
Thanks ✌ 
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