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Netool toolkit 4.6 - Android payload module-By Spirit

Netool toolkit 4.6 - Android payload module-By Spirit 
So, Hello guys
I'm Spirit as you all know and today i am gonna demonstrate a tutorial on how you can exploit an Android mobile using the Net-Toolkit 
It's a toolkit generally made for MITM Pentesting ;) 

So in this tutorial
Attacker machine::Ubuntu (which is using NetTool MITM Pentesting toolkit)
Victim::Yu Yuphoria
Framework that we will use::Metasploit
so what i'm just gonna do is i'll just simply generate a shellcode using the Nettool kit and send my generated (.apk) shellcode to my victims mobile using the apache2 url vector. So, when he/she will click on my URL link it'll ask them to download my(.apk) shellcode so after they will click on download-> install and run i'll get a reverse meterpreter session. ;)
This tutorial is for education purpose only. I'll not be responsible for any harm.
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