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Ultimate reference for all beginners Programmers and hackers


Ultimate reference for all beginners Programmers and hackers

Hello Everyone,
 Check all these sites before starting Pentesting/Hacking and programming  :wink: ,

Our YouTube Channel link::

Our Facebook page::

 so here is the list of website from where you can start your journey.

And guys here is my some favourite sites to test your skills on SQL-Injection and xss

if your are newbie then first ask to google or you can watch our tutorial if you like then try these challenge's

SQL Injection Challenges For Practice:-

This a list of challenges XSS and SQLi I known. It belongs to noobs like me.

:p (y)

XSS Challenges For Practice:-

Learn Programming:-
Special thanks to:-CodeN/inja, Th3_uNique,Bd_InjeCtor,Zen,Alteras,Repetence,IndiGear,msfanurag,msfsri,
rootxploiter,Daniel,Rahul raz,Rahul mani and zayed sir.

Hope you will like the experience with us .

Thanks ✌ 
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  1. Wow bhindi gear also dere lolz

    1. bro please don't say anything about him here :D , it's your personal issue with him. And he had taught me a lot of things. So i can't say/listen anything wrong about him. Butt you are also my brother so please understand brother. :)

  2. Hey sam thanks for such a beautiful info............

  3. The list is absolutely amazing. I am gonna watch your video for sure. Well I was already watching one video channel for hacking course by Gotowebsecurity and it was really impressive. So I will compare yours with them for sure. Besides they are giving aways free ethical hacking modules in their blogs which is amazing work.

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